Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro 12.2

Xara Designer Pro is a professional image editor for Windows

Xara Designer Pro 7 is a powerful application that you can use for graphic designing, document editing and many other activities. Xara Design Pro 7 can become the web designer’s best friend. You can use it to create website graphics elements including headers, buttons, Flash animations and many others. In addition, the application allows you to design entire web page layouts and group all these elements, creating fully functional websites.

Working with photo becomes easier with Xara Designer Pro 7, with the large number of photo altering actions that it is able to perform. Using the auto-enhancing tool, you will be able to make your photos look great with a single click. Advanced users will find Xara Designer very useful when it comes to creating complex graphic compositions. It enables you to draw anything from simple logos to complex cartoons and illustrations. You can use Xara Designer to create invitations, business cards, magazines, brochures, ads and many others.

Another important feature of the application is its capability to draw and edit vector images. Using advanced technologies, Xara Designer Pro 7 claims to be the best vector processor in the world. You can easily trace bitmap images and save them as vectors.

Xara Designer Pro 7 comes with a stylish and intuitive interface. The toolboxes are arranged around the workspace in order to offer easy access to all the nesassary features of the program. The application doesn’t have high system requirements and is able to work very fast. Designers working in different fields of graphical, photo and web design will find Xara Designer Pro 7 extremely useful.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast image processing
  • Direct Action Tools
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